Welcome to Roselands

Roselands Outdoor Adventure Centre provides a unique outdoor experience for all age groups from different walks of life.

About Us

Roselands farm, one of the original homesteads of the Byrne Settlers, is steeped in history. This 1150 hectare farm lies in the heart of the Midlands, in an area called the Hella- Hella which overlooks the Umkomaas River.It has belonged to the same Nicholson family for nearly 160 years.


Originally chosen as one of the National Heritage Sites in the country, Roselands is blessed with stunning scenery, indigenous bush and waterfalls. It is home to the endangered Blue Swallow, Oribi and the Hilton Daisy. There are some 200 bird species, as well as numerous buck and other wildlife in the area – hence its status now as an official Nature Reserve. Due to varying altitudes on the farm, there are extreme differences in vegetation, from thornveld to evergreen forest….Roselands Nature Reserve is a feast for anyone wanting to experience the breathtaking beauty of our environment.

School Groups

Roselands Outdoor Centre is aimed mainly at School groups. Depending on the requirements of the specific age, group and purpose of the school group, experienced educators and camp facilitators devise and run programmes that have been tailor made to include activities that meet staff requirements. The programmes are very flexible, depending on the desired outcome of the camp. Specialist speakers are often invited to the camp to speak on their area of expertise. 

School Excursions

Roselands Outdoor Centre is aimed mainly at School groups. 
Some of the facilities and activities available at Roselands:
  • Dam Activities (Foofy sliding, canoeing, swimming, tubes and high jump): Designed to increase self confidence and self- belief. Build character, courage and trust.
  • Obstacle course: Encourages team spirit, sharing of strengths, co- operation, patience and understanding, commitment, and effective communication.
  • Mkoveni Waterfall Hike (4km): Learn to follow instructions, information on at least 3 invasive plants, dangers of invasive plants, appreciation of God’s creation, the importance and need to protect the environment, resilience, patience, endurance, individual and team strengths.


  • Recon Mission and the Amazing Race: Development of leadership skills, individual and team strengths, co- operation, listening skills, patience and understanding.
  • Bush Camp: Aim of bush camp is to increase resilience, independence, understanding, endurance, survival skills and leadership skills. Developing relations with fellow team mates.
  • Group Dynamics Activities (Gladiator walls, tyre challenge, go- carting): Creating a realization that we need each other, team strengths as well as effective communication.
  • Solitaire: Affording each camper the opportunity to record feelings, hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future, reflection on camp and one’s self.
  • Map work/Geography: Map work activities to increase Geographical knowledge in the ideal surroundings of the Umkomaas Valley and Orienteering using ortho photos.
  • Environmental Education: Wetlands study, Grasslands, habitat watch, bird capture and tree felling.

What we have to offer:

Accommodation and Facilities

The original stone buildings have been converted into accommodation that sleeps 120 comfortably.

We offer:

  • 5 dormitories
  • 2 double and 1 triple sleeper
  • Teacher accommodation – linen provided
  • 2 communal halls
  • Open dining area
  • Bonfire area
  • Bushcamp
  • Soccer/sports field/ Basket ball 
  • Paintball arena 
  • Tuckshop

Ablution facilities with hot showers are provided for both students and staff.

An open plan kitchen provides plenty of good, wholesome country cooking, and is assured to keep the most ravenous teenagers well- fed.

  • Dam
  • Bush Camp
  • Obstacle Course
  • Scenic Walks
  • Group Dynamic Courses
  • Leadership Development Programmes
  • Environmental Education
  • Bushman Culture
  • Farming Activities
  • Trails
  • Rock Climbing Wall
  • Environmental Education + Bush Camping
  • Leadership Camp
  • Younger Age groups
  • Grade 7 camp
  • Grade 4 outdoor adventure camp

Wilderness Trails

Umko Trails: The Umko trail is a three day hike designed to test and build character. It is aimed at Gr 9 students and older. The hike takes place in the picturesque Umkomaas valley just outside of Richmond.

Wild Coast Hike: Roselands Outdoor Centre offers 3 day or 5 day hikes along the unspoilt beaches of the Transkei. The 5 day package starts at the Wild Coast Sun and is limited to a maximum of 40 students.

Presidents Awards Trails: Roselands Outdoor Centre is able to tailor make packages to assist learners in completing their adventurous journey for bronze, silver and gold medals for the President’s Award.

Contact Us

Email: christy.roselands@gmail.com

Cell: 076 895 3836